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Sunday, May 28, 2017

What's in My May Ipsy Glam Bag!

Happy Weekend, Beauties!

If you're here in the states, I hope you're attending lots of fun Memorial Day barbecues this weekend! I for one, am just excited to have a three day weekend. YAY! 😚

This month may be coming to an end in just a few days, (which blows my mind), however I still thought it'd be fun to share what I received in my May Ipsy Glam Bag this month! 

First off, let's talk about how cute this month's bag is? Perfect way to kick off the summer season! The bag is pretty much the same material as any beach ball/pool float you're used to using in the summer! I thought that was a really clever touch. Not only does it look like a cute summer beach ball with little ice cream cones & pops all over it, but it actually is the same material! I appreciate the little details.

FYI - That means the bag is water resistant, so you're safe to bring it to all your pool parties/beach days!

Let's take a peak inside the bag to see the goodies we got...

First product is a beautiful mauvey-nude creamy matte lipstick from the brand Mellow, in the shade Posh (also my favorite Spice Girl, if you're wondering).

I really love when I receive lipsticks in my Ipsy bags! The lipstick, though matte, is super moisturizing and creamy. Also, it's infused with Vitamin E so get those nutrients, guuuurl!

The shade is a littleeeeeee basic and 'ehhhh'. I wish it would have been a more fun, summery color to go with the theme of the bag, but it's always a great shade to have!

Next, we've got the Global Beauty Care Charcoal Mask!

Charcoal masks are very popular in the world of beauty for their deep cleaning effect! Leave this mask on for 15 minutes, and it digs down, deep into your pores, and drags out all the ick we don't want clogging our beautiful skin!

 These types of masks scare me a bit, because they can make me breakout (since they're literally bringing all the dirt to the surface). We'll see if this is gentle enough to not have such an effect!

Our next goodie is the Radiance Split-Pan Bronzer & Highlighter Duo by Manna Kadar Cosmetics!

When I first saw this, I totally thought it was an eye shadow duo. Derp! I've never tried this brand before, but the shades look lovely. Shimmer in a bronzer scares me a little, but you just need to know where to apply! Any bronzer with such shimmer should not be used to contour and sculpt. A bronzer like that should only be used to warm up the face.

The product is very velvety & pigmented. Perfect to give you that "I just came back from the beach or a tropical vacay" glow. I'm excited to try!

Up next is the Dreamcatcher Precision Foundation Brush 660 by Luxie Beauty!

Not going to lie... I was a little disappointed I received another brush in my glam bag. I think I've received brushes in my last 4 bags. Don't get me wrong, I love a good brush, but I would have loved to have been able to try a fun new product in its place.

It's a super cute brush. I love the periwinkle handle & it seems to be super high quality. This brush seems to be very versatile. You can use it for blending concealer, liquid foundation, powder foundations, applying highlighter, etc. I'm sure I'll put it to good use! 😉

Finally, my last goodie is the Cream Pigment Eyeshadow by Hikari Cosmetics in the shade Honey Dew. 

I'm soooo excited to try this pressed cream shadow! It seems really pigmented and I think the color is STUNNING. It's a mix of metallic coral & blush pink. Perfection! I think this is my favorite product I received this month. I'd also like to try it as a highlight? Hmmmmmm!

And there you have it! Overall, I liked the array of products I received this month, and I'm super excited to see what's waiting for me in June's glam bag! What fun things did you get in your Ipsy bag this month? Share with me!

As you may or may not know, Korean beauty products are all the rage right now. Next week, I'll share my thoughts on some Korean skincare masks I picked up a few weeks ago! Get excited!
Until then, stay beautiful,
Christina Bracco

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