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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Mally Beauty Poreless Perfection Foundation!

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Long time, no chat!!!

Welcome back, my beauties!!!

I have missed this blog so much, but I have been incredibly busy (while also enjoying my summer in the sun.) After a two week hiatus, I'm back regularly, and I cannot wait to share with you some products that I have been LOVING in the next few posts!

I wanted to dedicate today's post to my fav makeup guru, Mally Roncal from Mally Beauty, because she has gifted me with such an incredible foundation!
For those of you who are new here, or those that need some refreshing, back in December I filmed a segment for the Rachel Ray show with Mally, and she ever so graciously gifted me with a bunch of Mally Beauty goodies! If you'd like to read about that experience, (the episode aired in January), then please click HERE ! :)

One of the products I received was the Mally Beauty Poreless Perfection Foundation in Medium Light. I am a pale momma, honey, so I was a little iffy about it matching my skin tone. However, I knew that once summer rolled around, and I got some color, the foundation would match me perfectly! And I was right!! Oh em gee, you guys. I have been loving this product.

Peep Mally's book; Love, Lashes, and Lipstick: My Secrets for a Gorgeous and Happy Life! Its a great read! It's available now, so go snag it if you need some positivity, and uplifting inspiration!

I don't like to wear heavy foundations in the summer, for multiple reasons, but this foundation doesn't even feel like you're wearing anything, yet it gives you FULL coverage.

This is my favorite foundation at the moment. After soaking up some of the suns rays (with SPF, of course), and even a little sunless tanning, the shade matches me perfectly. When I put on this foundation, I have lightweight, excellent coverage with a flawless glow and brightened complexion. I don't even need a concealer!

I highly, highly recommend this foundation for anyone who doesn't like the feeling of foundation on their skin, especially in the summer. I always prep my skin with the Mally Beauty Perfect Prep Poreless Primer, and the foundation is locked in place all day.

The ingredients in this foundation's formula are also meant to soften the skin and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles! Extra score!

If you order from, you get the foundation and a sponge applicator for $45.00. If you order from, you get the foundation, a sponge applicator, and a brush for $45.00. The sponge is to be used for heavier coverage, while the brush is to be used for lighter coverage. However, I always use the brush, and just layer a the foundation until I get the coverage I want. Another bonus to mention at this point... this foundation NEVER cakes.

You seriously will not regret purchasing this amazios product! It's such a fav of mine, I need it by the truckload. Along with every single other product of hers that I have/haven't tried. Go buy it, beauties!!!

Will you give this foundation a try? Please say, "Yes!" If you do, let me know how you love it. I'd love to hear about your experience!

Until next time, stay beautiful!
Christina Bracco

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Monday, July 13, 2015

Go-To Product for Highlighting AKA Strobing: Plus How-To!

Welcome back, beauties!!!

I'm loving this summer so far. I've been so busy, but I've been enjoying myself so much! So many beautiful experiences! I spent 5 hours at the beach yesterday, basking under the sun with no makeup and my SPF protection getting a natural bronze-y glow!

I think everyone here knows by now that I am a sucker for a natural glow, and that's why I wanted to share my favorite highlighter that I use for my natural glow from within shine every day!

Highlighting just might be my favorite makeup technique to date. I don't contour all that often (but when I do, I love a good contour, honey), but I've also reached for my highlighter!

There's been a "new" makeup technique introduced to the makeup world in the last month or so called, "Strobing." I'm not quite sure why it has this name, because strobing is, essentially, highlighting! 

So, in honor of this "new" technique, I thought I'd jump in and share one of my favorite products that I've mentioned on my channel several times since purchasing it, and teach you all how to highlight (strobe)!


The Josie Maran Argan Enlightenment Illuminizing Wand! 
This Illuminizing wand was released just a few months ago with a few different types of Illuminzers (highlighters)! When I first saw it online, I just HAD to have it. It looked like it gave such a beautiful glow.

And I was right! 
Since getting this product, I've worn it almost every makeup day. I liiiiiiiive for this Illuminizer! It's so versatile. You can do so much with it. And the amount of product due to it being a wand? Endless! 

For $28.00 at Sephora, I think it's so worth it. It's currently sold out at, but you can shop around in your local Sephora,, Amazon, QVC, etc. 

So how do you highlight (or "Strobe") using the Illuminizing wand, or, any other type of highlighter you may have?

It's simple! 

When you contour, you're putting a bronzer that's a little lighter than your skin tone in the places on your face that you'd like to shadow and bring inward. You contour your cheekbones, along the sides of your nose, along your jawline, at your hairline... anywhere you get a natural shadow that you would like to give a slimmer effect, and bring inward.

So, when highlighting or "strobing," you want to highlight any place on your face where the light hits that you'd like to bring forward. 

What are those spots?

Your brow bone, your cupids bow, the peaks of your cheekbones, along the bridge of your nose, the center of your forehead, the center of your chin, your collarbones, shoulders, etc.! 

Here's a handy diagram to make it easier to understand!

Strobing is essentially making it look like someone is following you around with a bunch of fancy lights, giving you a beautiful shine all day long. 

I love highlighting. I love looking like a glowy, dewy, shining goddess! 

It's important to note, highlighting does not make you look greasy... it just makes you look glowy. There's a difference, beauties! 

The Josie Maran Illuminizing Wand is the best highlighter I have found on the market so far. It gives your skin a beautiful shine and shimmer that the light catches so beautifully, but it doesn't look like too much. It's the perfect amount. 

I'll post some photos below of me applying the highlighter, as well as photos where you can see how beautifully it sits on the skin.

Because it's a beautiful wand infused with Argan Oil, it has a light, creamy, hydrating texture. You can swipe it onto the parts you'd like to highlight, and blend it out with your fingers. 

However, what I like to do is swipe it along the spots I mentioned above, also shown in the diagram, and then blend it out by tapping it with a damp Beauty Blender! (As shown below.)

Here's some shots to show how amazingly gorgeous it makes your skin look! 

That gloooooooow!!! I love it. 

I really love the highlight you get with this wand, and if you're new to highlighting aka strobing, then I think this gorgeous, easy way to highlight is the best way  to start! Even if you're a seasoned highlighter, you will LOVE this Illuminizer, and that's a promise! :)

That's all for now! Let me know if you plan on purchasing this highlight! I'll be back next week with a product that I've really been loving lately. 

I love you all, thanks for stopping by! Stay beautiful, 
Christina Bracco

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Current Every Day Makeup Look for Summer!

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Well hellooooo, beauties!

I've missed you all, but I have been so incredibly busy lately. I hope you all had an amazing, and safe, Fourth of July celebration (if you live here in the states.)

Today, I wanted to share with you my every day go-to makeup look that I've been rocking on days when I don't want to wear a full face of makeup, but still want to do a little something- something! 

I have been reaching for these products every single day for the last two or three weeks on days when I'm wearing makeup, but not a full face, as stated above. I love, love, love these products, and they give me such a beautiful, natural  glow-from-within complexion that stays put on these hot summer days. 

Let's jump in, shall we?! 

I always work on my eyes first. I always conceal my eyes with my Ready, Set, Gorgeous concealer from CoverGirl. I do this as a way to even out my eye area, conceal any redness, darkness, veins, etc; in order to have my shadows apply evenly and prime my eyes. After I conceal I always make sure to set my concealer with the bareMinerals Mineral Veil. When I do this, my shadow stays in place ALL day!

As far as shadows, it varies every day depending on what colors I'm wearing etc. etc., but my go-to is still my every day summer eye look that I told you all how to accomplish using the Coastal Scents Revealed 2 palette. This eye look goes with everything bright and summery, and it is super easy! Check out how to get this look HERE! :)

After I do my eyeshadow, I will curl my lashes and apply my mascara! I've been loving the Tarte Gifted Mascara lately. It gives your lashes such a wispy, fluffy, beautiful look with crazy good volume! If you're going to be outdoors where you're sweating, then I'd recommend a waterproof mascara like the Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes! And then we move on to face... 

 I have been L.O.V. I. N.G. this product lately... the bareMinerals Complexion Resuce: Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream. Oh em gee, you guys! I am living for this product. I need it by the case! 
This is me BEFORE the Complexion Rescue. A little redness, uneven skin tone, discoloration.
This is the perfect way to get that natural no- makeup look. It's amazing weightless since it's not a foundation. It's basically a moisturizer, with a tint to even out, brighten, and hydrate your skin. When I wear this. It doesn't feel like anything is on my skin at all, yet it still gives me a flawless complexion.
This is me AFTER applying Complexion Rescue. Brighter, even complexion!

The coverage is buildable. This is NOT if you're looking for full coverage. This isn't a foundation. It's for sheer to medium coverage. I highly recommend this product if you want some coverage, but hate the feeling of foundation sitting on your face.

It's perfect for days when you just don't want to be bothered with a full face, or if you want something light that you can't feel. It's perfect for being outdoors for long periods of time, because it doesn't slide all over your face. I don't use a primer when I use this product, and it stays put all day. Perrrrfect for a beach day! Plus, it has SPF 30 so it will protect your precious faces. 

And, for how amazing this product is, I think it's an amazing price! $28.00 for a 1.18 fl oz tube. I highly, HIGHLY recommend this product. Please buy it, haha!

Next up, after I apply my Complexion Rescue, I reach for my Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer. This product slays!! I have never found a concealer that I've loved so much. Ugh. Guys and gals. This concealer is so beautiful, so weightless, gives such coverage, and blends so easily. It's amazing!

I apply it using the wand, in a "V" shape around my eye. I start at the inner corner, take the wand down the side of my nose, and then up at an angle toward the outer corner of my eye. Then, I simply take my damp beauty blender, and use the pointed end to tap out this concealer and it blends FLAWLESSLY. Sweet babies, is it flawless. I can't say enough about it. Well worth the $26.00 at Sephora, in my opinion.

Then, I always fill in my brows! I may skip this step if I realllllly don't want to be bothered, but 9 times out of 10, I put the brows on, honey! I always use my go-to brow product... The It Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Brow Pencil. You can read my post on how to fill in your brows using this product (or any) by clicking HERE!

Hit it with a quick sweep of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel to set them in place and make sure they don't move!

 I  always want to quickly pop on some color to make my cheeks stand out a bit more and give myself a little more color, I apply my Josie Maran Cosmetics Argan Infinity Lip and Cheek Creamy Oil. Squeeze a tiny bit onto the tip of your ring finger and blend between the two ring fingers, and then tap a bit of this on your cheeks, blend it out, and you've got a beautiful, natural color to your cheeks while getting extra hydration. 

Finally, before I finish, I do a little highlighting using the new strobing technique. I've always been highlighting this way, but now it has a name, haha! I use the new Josie Maran Elightenment Illuminizing Wand that I told you all I recently purchased in a recent haul. I won't share how I apply the illuminzer just yet, my next post will be about strobing ;) 

And here's the finished product! Dewey, even, lightweight, and fresh!! I love it!

An alternative for this every day look, if you really want to go for a no-makeup look, or if you're don't want to apply anything extra If you're just going to go to the beach, I normally... 

ALWAYS conceal my eyelids, curl my lashes, and apply mascara. It just makes your eyes look my awake and alive. If you don't want to conceal or apply mascara, at least curl them. This opens up the eye to give a more awake and alert appearance. Then, apply the Complexion rescue, use a quick swipe of the Argan Color Stick (and blend) to give a pinch of color to your skin, and be done! 

And there you have it! I hope I've convinced you to get some of these products, if you do, please let me know so I can get excited! Share with me your every day looks and be on the lookout for my next post coming this week about strobing with the Josie Maran Illuminizing Wand! 
Until then, stay beautiful! 
Christina Bracco 

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