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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Favorite: Lori Greiner Luxury Deluxe Wood Cosmetic Box with Mirror!!!

Hello beauties!!

I hope all of my east coasters survived that "blizzard." I for one, certainly enjoyed that snow day.

So, by now, I think it's pretty clear to see that I love makeup. Most of the time, when you love makeup, you buy way too much of it. I am a victim of this mentality, haha. So what do I do with all of this makeup after I buy it?

I had been searching for something to neatly organize and store my makeup for a while. I was originally using one of those tabletop plastic three-tier drawer sets, but it was completely unorganized, and couldn't store many things easily. Then, I had thought about getting a train case, and I think I still may at some point, but wanted to find something for the top of my dresser that was a bit more presentable.

And then, one day I was watching QVC, and I saw that Lori Grenier was on. Lori Grenier, for those who do not know, is a businesses woman and entrepreneur who stars on the show Shark Tank. She has a line of organizational/helpful items that range from purse organizers to jewelry holders. As I was watching, because I am a sucker for all things organizational, I watched them present this Lori Greiner Luxury Deluxe Wood Cosmetic Box with Mirror.

I was so amazed, I had to have it. It was perfect! Lori herself said that the piece can store anywhere from 100 to 120 pieces of makeup. So much storage, so many possibilities. The only bummer was the price. The price made me much less quick to jump on ordering it. Now, we know that QVC and brings their customers products at a discounted price in comparison to other retailers.

For example, this piece can be found at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $99.99, but can be found at for $89.96 (plus S&H). So QVC does give you a bit of a break! I think I would have eventually jumped on the $89.96 offer, but that's a little much.

Then, one night, I was scrolling around the Lori Geiner section of and noticed that they were selling an "As is" version of this cosmetics box for $56.50. Uhmmm, what?! Yes, please.
"As is" means that they used those pieces during On-Air demos, or they were vendor samples, and not in their original manufactured condition.

As long as the piece doesn't look totally busted when it arrives at my home, I'm totally okay with that for a discounted price. So, I purchased the piece in the shade white, and when it arrived home, I was SO happy!! It had a few marks on it that were buffed away within seconds. Score!! I immediately fell in love. Who knew my one true love was a cosmetics organizer? It was so much fun to put all of my makeup in this piece.

The "As is" piece can still be found on for the discounted price, but it is only available in the white wood at this time (subject to change when presented on-air again). But if you can spend the $89.96  on the regular box on or even the $99.99 at Bed, Bath, and Beyond- then I would totally tell you to go do it right now! Stop reading this and go buy this product!

The box is available in a few different shades of wood, so you can totally match whatever furniture piece or room you need to!

  • Cherry 
  • Walnut
  • White
  • Oak
So let's have a peak into this piece, shall we? 

Do you hear that? That's the sound of the heavens playing their harps.

As you can see, the box has tons and tons of space. There's a great mirror at the very top, though I honestly never use the mirror. Then there's 8 different shelves that you can do what you please with. What's so great about it is that you can see all of your products so easily. You don't have to go rummaging through a drawer or a box to find what you're looking for. Everything is so easily visible right in front of you. You know where everything is. Everything has a place.

Let's take a closer look…

I really love the storage along the back wall for the brushes. I clearly keep brushers there, but I also keep some of my favorite eyeliners and eyebrow pencils for easy access. 

Another favorite feature is the different slots for individual eyeshadows also along the back wall (above the brushes, as you can see). There are also a few more slots along the top left shelf, as you can see in the first photo. 

I really appreciate the slots in this bottom shelf. It's great for storing individual bronzers, blushes, and smaller eyeshadow palettes. 

This is probably my favorite feature of the whole piece. There are 30 slots here. You can store lipsticks up the wazoo. Or like me, you can store lipsticks, lip glosses, mascaras, concealer, etc.. It's so perfect. You can see everything. The best part? These 30 slots are a removable piece. You can use it, not use it at all, and it easily fits into all of the shelves in the box, so you can put this piece wherever you want within the box. 

The inside is vinyl lining, so it wipes clean. It's a magnetic close. You can open one shelf if you want, for each shelf has its own handle, or open the whole piece at once. 

It takes up so little space on your dresser top, and it's not too heavy in case you want to put it away after using it instead of displaying it. It's really a beautiful piece. I promise, you will have so much fun playing around with it.

My only "complaint" is that there is not place to put eyeshadow larger palettes. You wouldn't be able to fit your Urban Decay Naked palettes in this piece. But I understand, the piece would have to be larger to fit those. No big deal, I have another place for my larger palettes. 

So I say, if you can do it, get this piece! Especially if you've been looking for a great way to organize your cosmetics, skincare, beauty products, etc. 

If you're interested in the white wood, I'd jump on that "As is" version on

Let me know if you're going to try this piece, or if you already own it! I'd love to hear :)

Until next time, have a great week. Stay warm! 

Christina Bracco

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Favorites: Mally Beauty, Lorac, Tarte, Mario Badescu, SallyHansen, Victoria's Secret!!!

Hello, beauties!!!

I hope you all had an amazing week! I for one, am SO happy the weekend is here. It's been a very hectic week for me.

But despite it being a hectic week, I still found the time to fall in love with some beauty products.

So, I decided that today would be a post all about my favorite go-to products for the week that I used pretty much every day.

Let's jump right in, shall we?

 Here are my favorite beauty products of the week!

Let's start with the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater. Now, I had heard so much about this facial spray from numerous blogs and beauty vloggers, and I had been wanting to try it for so long. I finally purchased a 4 fl oz. bottle (there is a larger bottle than this) for $7.00 on Even though I did get the smaller bottle, this bad boy will surely last you a while. I use it every day, sometimes more than once a day, and I've yet to make a dent. 

As the weather has been getting colder, you know, that sharp cold that hurts any exposed skin and you think you're pretty close to catching hypothermia, my skin was feeling extra dry this week. Now, I have mostly oily skin, but at certain points throughout winter, the cold-dry air just sucks my face of all its moisture. Thankfully, I have Argan Oil, and I have Mario Badescu. 

This facial spray is so lightweight, it doesn't make your makeup run or make you feel like you just got splashed in the face. It's just a lovely, hydrating coating that smells like roses. Who doesn't want to just have a bubble of rose sent surrounding their face? You can use this with makeup, without makeup, however you please! It's really helped me keep my face moisturized throughout the day when I have a full face of makeup on and can't do anything else. I really recommend this for those looking for some more hydration, especially in these winter months!  

On to the Tarte LipSurgence Lip Crème's in the shades Wonder and Rare.
Left: Rare / Right: Wonder

I received both of these LipSurgence shades in a fantastic Tarte QVC gift set around the holiday season. (Along with a BUNCH of other amazing Tarte products.) The gift set was called the Sweet Indulgences 3-in-1 Holiday Gift Collection. Unfortunately, it sold out back in December, and of course, was not brought back. The good news is, you can still purchase these LipSurgence shades on their own! Tarte has so many amazing shades in these lip crèmes. They're $24.00 at Sephora.

Rare would be described as a peachy-nude, while Wonder would be described as a poppy shade. The pigmentation is to die for. Absolutely gorgeous. And they really, really do stay on your lips without having to reapply 10 times throughout the day. They glide on like butter, and leave your lips feeling so creamy and hydrated. I cannot say enough good things about them! Love, love, LOVE!

Wonder is definitely a pop of color for the lips, and I am always a sucker for any type of nude shade with that gorgeous Rare. I have swatches of both colors towards the end of the blog with the other products I swatched, so be sure to check that out!

Next, I'd like to talk about the nails, honey! For those of you who do not know, I am a nail polish hoarder. I am addicted to nail polish. I buy way too much of it, I change it way to often. I just love it. I have at least 60 polishes. I can do a post dedicated to polishes if you'd like, haha. Here's a peak at my collection: 

Now, I've always been a sucker for a black polish, and my ultimate fav always seems to be the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Color in the shade Blackout. 
This shade is a true black. It doesn't fade, it doesn't easily chip, and it has a gorgeous shine to it. I think black polish is always a staple polish to have because it can go with a  casual- cool look, or it can go with a classy-dressed up look. I've been wearing black polish all week and just loving it. I had to share. What are your favorite polish colors? I'm always looking for suggestions, haha!

This week has been a milestone week, my friends. I have finally, FINALLY, mastered the art of winged liner. I was watching some beauty vloggers doing their thing, and decided to try my hand at the ever intimidating winged liner look, and succeeded on the first try! Now, I wouldn't say I'm completely perfect yet, but I've been practicing like crazy. And that means I've been rocking the winged liner look every day this week. Whether I was going to the grocery store, or the dentist, I had the winged liner on. 
Just a little peak at my accomplishments :D

The product that really helped me master the winged liner look was my Lorac Front of the Line Pro Liquid Eyeliner in the shade Black.

(I had to take a last-minute photo on my laptop.)

The precision tip of this applicator makes it really easy to make sharp and crisp lines, making it less easy to make a mistake. And the color is a try black. It's not a matte liner (it's liquid, duh, Christina) but It's not overly shiny. 

I've had this liner for quite a while, and I actually think it's running out of product. If you have any suggestions for a good eyeliner to use for a winged look, please let me know via comments or email. I'm not sure if I'll purchase this again or if I'll try something new. Regardless, this liner has served me well for years and seems to work for any liner look. It glides on smoothly and easily, and the thin tip makes it easy to create the look you want! It's $23.00 at Ulta! 

It seems I rarely do a post these days without mentioning my girl Mally Roncal, but if I'm doing Friday Favorites you know I have to throw in a little Mally Beauty for you ;) 
I received the Mally Beauty Effortless Airbrush Highlighter from my aunt for Christmas, and I have been loving it! I mean, look at that packaging alone. UGH! I'm a sucker for a good contour and highlight, and I've been using this product for my highlighting needs all week! While I feel that some highlighters are often too light or too shiny for all skin tones, this particular highlighter appears to be a bit like a flesh-colored highlighter, if that makes sense? It appears as a very natural glow on the skin, without making it look painfully obvious that you've got some major highlighting going on. It's not sparkly, not shimmery, it's very sheen. It gives you that natural glow-from-within look. I love it! I just use a fluffy brush and pop it on the highest point of my cheek bones, down the bridge of my nose, a little on my chin, and in between my eyebrows and bam! Done! And looking gorgois, as Mally would say. I couldn't find this specific product anywhere, but I did find this specific highlighter paired with a beautiful blush in a duo for $45.00 at so that seems like a pretty jazzy deal to me! This beautiful highlighter, a beautiful blush color that is speaking to me right now as I look at it, and a double ended brush! 
Here is a janky swatch of all of the products mentioned above! Except the facial spray, of course.
Top: Lorac Pro Liner
Second: Tarte LipSurgence Wonder
Third: Tarte LipSurgence Rare
Bottom: Mally Beauty Effortless Airbrush Highlighter

Finally, this is a quick little favorite that I've been loving. I received a sample of the Victoria's Secret Heavenly Scent in a body wash, lotion, and perfume. This perfume, oh my goodness. It is named perfectly because it sure does smell heavenly! 
It's such a warm scent that's not too overpowering. It's very soft and very feminine. According to Victoria' its notes are: White musk, Sandalwood, vanilla and white peony. The smaller bottle goes for $58.00, and when my sample runs out, I will definitely be purchasing a bottle. LOVE! 

So that's it, beauties!! Those are my loves for the week!! I've been using these products none stop. 

If you have any suggestions, any products you've been loving, leave me a comment, send me an email, or find me on Social Media below!! 

Until next week, stay beautiful!!
Christina Bracco

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sephora Favorites Perfume Sampler

Hello, beauties!!

I'm sorry I didn't post anything yesterday, I took the day off! :) (Really, I was busy running errands. So NOT exciting.)

I wanted to share with my lovely readers, a gift set that I recieved this past Christmas:

The Sephora Favorites Perfume Sampler!! 

This is an annual gift set created by Sephora for the holiday season. The set contains 14 samples of fragrances sold at Sephora. 

The best thing about this gift set, is that it contains one voucher for a free FULL SIZED bottle of whatever fragrance in the set you choose. 

The gift set sells for $60.00 but has a value of $105.00. That sounds like a pretty jazzy deal if you ask me!

So, what scents does this set contain? In this gift set, there is:

  • Burberry Brit Sheer: .06 fl oz 
  • Chloé: .04 fl oz
  • Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black: .06 fl oz
  • Elizabeth and James Nirvana White .06 fl oz
  • Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gioia: .05 fl oz
  • Gucci Flora by Gucci: .06 fl oz
  • Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy: .05 fl oz
  • Lancôme La Vie Est Belle: .05 fl oz
  • Marc Jacobs Daisy: .04 fl oz
  • Narcisco Rodriguez For Her: .03 fl oz
  • Prada Candy: .05 fl oz
  • Thierry Mugler Alien: .04 fl oz
  • Tom Ford Black Orchid: .05 fl oz
  • Versace Bright Crystal: .03 fl oz

This set also contains a Perfume Sampler Booklet For Her, which contains all the details about each scent: Their notes, impressions, full size bottle amounts, inspirations, etc. As well as the voucher for the free full size fragrance of your choice.

There is also a Sephora Cologne Sampler For Men, but I don not own it, so I feel it is not my place to talk about it, haha!

Now, I have to say, there were many surprises in this gift set for me. I won't go into a detailed review of each scent, but I will give my top 3 favorite scents, and 1 or 2 I'm disappointed in. I'm finding it so hard to choose a favorite! But I think that's a good thing. It means that the set is a worthy investment.

Top 3 Favorites:

  1. Marc Jacobs Daisy: This scent is very light and very feminine. It's both sophisticated and playful. I feel it can be worn all throughout the year. The Notes: Wild Strawberry, violet leaves, and ruby red grapefruit. 
  2. Lancôme La Vie Est Belle: I was very surprised with how much I liked this scent. It is a bit heavier than Daisy. It's a bit muskier, and very sophisticated. But I feel you could still get away with wearing this scent all year round. The Notes: Iris palladia, patchouli, orange blossom, and jasmine, with a sweet gourmand blend.
  3. Elizabeth and James Nirvana White: (I also love Nirvana Black, but I vowed to only pick 3 favorites, haha.) This is another lighter scent, but it does contain hints of musk, and when it settles onto your skin, I think it smells lovely. It's a floral scent. I'm a sucker for a floral scent. I really enjoy it. The Notes: A captivating  blend of peony, muguet, and musk for a sophisticated, feminine scent.  
3 Least Favorite:

(I never want to completely bash a product, so I will just list them.
  1. Tom Ford Black Orchid
  2. Versace Bright Crystal 
  3. Aqua Di Gioia 

Now, what I also find great about this gift set is its convenience. Yes, you receive a voucher for a free full size perfume of your choosing, but you're also getting 14 scent samplers to take with you on the go!

I had received this kit for Christmas years ago, and while I loved the concept, I wasn't pleased (and asked to never receive it again) due to the fact that the samplers were not spray, or even roll-on, samples. They were just regular bottles that you poor the product out of and have to awkwardly dab onto your skin. I hate that. It doesn't work to get the scent out, and it's a pain in the butt. When I found out that these were sprayable samples, it immediately went on my Christmas list. Yes, please.

It's so convenient to have the sprayable perfume samples because you can keep them in your purse, keep them in your car, keep them in your locker at work, etc. They're so easy! The Aqua Di Gioia scent does not have a spray top, but since the other 13 do, I'll let it go. But get with the program, Aqua!

I really suggest this gift set to my perfume loving beauties out there. It's still available at Sephora and, and it's really fun to play with!

If you've tried it, let me know your favorite and least favorite scents. And if you're going to give it a try, let me know!

I'll be back on Friday with a favorites post about trends/products I've been loving this week.

Until then, stay beautiful!
Christina Bracco

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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Holy Grail Product: Skin 79 VIP Gold Super Plus Beblesh Balm Triple Function (Korean BB CREAM)

Hello again, beauties!!

What a long week it has been.

Thank you to everyone who reached out to me about the Rachael Ray segment. You are all so sweet! :)

Today's post is about one of my holy grail products, one of my favorite products of all time! Due to it's properties and factors, it falls in both the makeup and skincare categories.

I'm talking about the Skin 79 VIP Gold Super Plus Triple Function BB Cream. (Full name in the title.)

This BB Cream is everything. I first heard about this BB Cream from vlogger Jen (FromHeadToToe) and just had to try it for myself!

I just repurchased this before I run out of my older one, so I took photos of the new one, haha!

First, I'd like to state that I am not a fan of American BB Creams. All American BB Creams are is a tinted moisturizer that doesn't provide you with any real benefits or coverage. If you have an American BB Cream that you'd like to recommend to me, please do, because I'd love to love an American BB Cream! But so far, Asian BB Cream's is where it's at!

This Skin 79 BB Cream comes from Korea. It is a Korean BB Cream and I love it. I use this product nearly every single day. And the fact that it's 40g's worth of product-amazing. I ordered my first Skin 79 BB Cream in September and, while using it every day, still going strong with it.

I don't know what I'd do without it. 

Along with using it for coverage, it also contains UV protection, SPF 25, and wrinkle improvement properties. 

Now, it also says it is "whitening". In Korea, lighter skin is viewed as more ideal, therefore they use products to make them appear lighter. However, I don't find that this product lightens my skin. I mean, I'm already pretty white as it is, haha, but I see no difference. After you apply the product, it settles and corrects to your skin, matching your skin tone. So, I'm unsure how it would do on darker skin tones, but I've seen no "whitening" affects. 

The great thing about this BB Cream is that it is build-able without ever caking, and you can use it with other face products. You can use this on its own ( as I do most of the time), or you can pair it with a mineral foundation, powder foundation, or even a liquid foundation! (if you do pair it with a liquid, I would recommend using a light layer of the BB Cream. 

I recommend applying one pump to the back of your hand. Then, using clean fingers, dip your ring finger into the product and dab dots in sections of the face. After, blend it all out just as you would when applying a moisturizer. The product may seem thick when you pump it onto the back of your hand, but once you blend out, it feels lightweight! The consistency is magic! It blends so easily and feels like butter. I love how my face feels after I apply it. And most importantly, it provides FULL coverage.

I pumped a small amount onto the back of my hand
It looks darker than my skin, but I promise it color corrects when blended! (Plus, I don't have fancy lighting, haha!)

Your skin will have a beautiful glow when you apply it, and your skin will be dewy (this will fade a bit as it settles.) I recommend waiting about a minute or two for it to settle into your skin and correct itself, especially if you're going to be putting a foundation over it. 

What I usually do is, apply the BB Cream (over a primer) and then do my eye makeup while it's settling, and then when my eyes are finished, I'll come back to my face and add foundation (if I'm using one that day), concealer, contour, blush, etc. 

Another benefit of this BB Cream is that it is a built in moisturizer! So your skin will never dry out. Perfect for the winter time, though, I use it all year round. :)

I buy my Skin 79 BB Cream from 
The company itself used to sell it with free Amazon Prime 2-day shipping due to its coming from Korea… That takes a long time, and S&H is a killer. However, the company seemed to have stopped doing that when I tried last week. 

So instead, I searched around the "new" section for this product on Amazon and found great deals! I got mine from BB Cosmetic for $20.00 and free 2 day shipping! I'm sure you can find even better deals if you keep your eye out. is the bomb when it comes to that stuff!

I would definitely give this product a try if you can. I really, really stand by this product. I don't know how I'd live my cosmetics life without it. My only complaint is that there's know way of knowing how much product you have left, unless you shattered the bottle to find out, which I do not recommend. 

If you decide to give it a try, let me know! If you want some help finding it, I'd be happy to! And again, if you have any American BB Cream suggestions, let me know! Just send me an email at 

I'll talk to you next week, beauties! Until then, check below for ways to keep in touch with me :)

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Christina Bracco




Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Beauty Haul: Sephora, QVC, Kiko, NYX, Urban Decay, Makeup Forever, Josie Maran, Coastal Scents!

Welcome back, beauties!

Today's post is all about a mini haul that I did over the weekend.

Though, I'm not sure what constitutes a HAUL and a MINI HAUL.

I think I may have a mini haul. What do you think?

The Coastal Scents Revealed 2 Palette is not pictured with the rest of the products because I received it from Amazon the day after these photos were taken. Originally, I was not going to include it in the haul, but changed my mind last minute :)

I kept myself, and my wallet, very busy this weekend. Some of these products are things I have already used and just needed to replenish, while others are first time purchases. 

We shall start at Sephora. It seems as though every time I go into Sephora for something specific, I come out with more than necessary. Does that happen to you? 

Side note: While writing this, I've just realized that these are the first Urban Decay products I've ever purchased. 

I went to Sephora to purchase Urban Decay's Heavy Metal Glitter Liner in the color Distortion. I had heard a lot about this liner, and I've been really into sparkles lately, maybe due to the holiday's (?) I don't know, but I wanted to give it a try. And so far I am loving it! It just adds a fun little extra pop to your eyes. What I find great about this product is that it has multi-purposes. You can wear it on it's own, with shadows, as a liner, over other liners, or you can throw it all over your lid if you're feeling extra sparkly. I have a swatch of it below! But I really recommend it. It runs for $20.00 at Sephora. 

Next, I purchased the Urban Decay Anti-Aging Eyeshadow Primer Potion in a "Travel size"
Seriously, don't you just LIVE for the bins along the checkout line of Sephora? I always find such goodies there. I bought a "travel" size of this eyeshadow primer because I was previously using another eyeshadow primer that I really disliked, so I wanted to start small to be sure that I liked this before I bought a full size. I've yet to use it, but I've heard great things, so I'll let you know how it goes! Also, I know, I know. "You're 22. You don't need anti-aging." But due to my always wearing eye makeup and tugging on my poor lids to remove it, I figured I'd give them a little extra help. The primer is photographed above, I didn't think the primer needed its own photo, haha. The travel size runs for $13.00 at Sephora.

Finally, I was VERY happy to finally purchase the Makeup Forever Rouge Artist Natural in color N9 (Copper Pink). I had first tried this product when I received it back in September for my birthday gift from Sephora along with the Makeup Forever mascara, and fell in love with it!
The difference between my mini sample and the full size

 I use this color ALL the time. I just love it. I have been trying to get my hands on it for such a long time, but it was always sold out both online and in stores. Finally, this weekend, I spotted the LAST one all the way in the back of the display and snatched it as fast as I could. This color is such a beautiful cool copper tone, but not too dark or brown. It has such a slight hint of pink to it. It has a slight shine, and is very hydrating on the lips. It doesn't leave them dry. I believe this color would work with all skin tones. A big plus! It runs for $20.00 on Sephora. 

Here's a wonky swatch of the Makeup Forever N9 lipstick and the Urban Decay Heavy Glitter Liner in Distortion. SO beautiful!!

Next, I'll move on to QVC! 

So, last week Josie Maran was on QVC with a Today's Special Value that I just HAD to purchase, and it arrived over the weekend! 

For those of you who don't know, a Today's Special Value (TSV) is an amazing deal on an amazing product or kit at a discounted price for ONE DAY ONLY. We all know from my previous post about Josie Maran Argan Oil that I love all of her products. I was sold. 

Josie Maran Argan Oil Pure Complexion 5 Piece Collection!!

This five piece collection was to live for. They're all full sized products, one is even a supersize! 

If purchased separately, this 5 piece collection would come to $213.00. As the TSV, it was being sold for… wait for it… $69.96. SAY WHAT?! How could you resist?! 

Now, before diving in, I will say that since the TSV price is no longer, the price went up to $76.96. Only a few more dollars. Still an amazing deal if you ask me!

Okay, so what do we get in this amazing collection? 

This collection includes:
  • A full size bottle of 100% Pure Argan Oil
  • A full size bottle of the Josie Maran Argan Cleansing Oil
  • A SUPERSIZE bottle of the Josie Maran Argan Matchmaker Serum Foundation 
  • Foundation brush exclusive to QVC until April 1st, 2015
  • Full size Argan Color Stick in Love: An exclusive shade to QVC
I was very excited about this collection, because it has products that I needed to replenish, and products that I've been wanting to try, but haven't yet. 

I will not go into the important benefits of Josie Maran's 100% Pure Argan Oil again. To read my in-depth post about that, click HERE: ARGAN

I've yet to try the Cleansing Oil, but I've read countless reviews and heard countless testimonies about it. All good things! I'm running low on the current cleanser I am using, so once I officially run out, I shall switch to this cleanser and let you know how I like it :)

Can we just talk about the Matchmaker Foundation + brush. I've yet to use the blush, but I purchased the foundation on its own at Sephora. The difference between the full size and the supersize in this kit is amazing.
The left is the supersize from QVC, the right is the regular full size from Sephora

You can only get the supersize in this specific collection. 

The great thing about this foundation is the magic of it. As it says in the name, it is a "matchmaker foundation." It goes on white, and as you blend it in, it melts into your skin and color corrects to match your skin tone. It's amazing! Another great thing: There are only 3 shades for every single skin tone in the world.
  • Fair/Light
  • Light/Medium
  • Medium/Dark
Just like that, everyone is covered. Due to the color correcting pigments, only 3 shades are needed. 
I really enjoy this foundation. It provides full coverage, and it's build-able without caking due to its serum texture. It's very easily blended, and feels very lightweight on the skin. And because it contains 100% Pure Argan Oil, it keeps your skin moisturized throughout the day. YES! On its own, the regular full size goes for $42.00 at Sephora or QVC. 

Finally, the Argan Color Stick in "Love." I've been wanting to try the Josie Maran color sticks for a while! I have the Argan Infinity Lip And Cheek Creamily Oil in a few colors and love them. This Color Stick has multiple purposes! You can pop it on your cheeks and just blend it in lightly with your fingers, or you can apply it to your lips as a lip color. The color is just a beautiful mauvey pink and it smells yummy too. (But please don't eat it.)

All in all, I seriously recommend this kit to anyone who wants to try Josie Maran products and get a great deal!

Next, I purchased the NYX Dewy Finishing Spray from Target. I really love this finishing spray. I've purchased it before, but was running low, so I stocked up. It is photographed in the first picture. There's not much to say other than that I love to set my makeup with this when I'm finished applying. I love a good dewy finish, girl yaaaaaas.

Next up, we've got two nail polish's from Kiko Makeup From Milano. A Kiko just recently opened in my local mall, and I really love this store! Their products are pretty good quality, and great dupes for many more expensive brands. 

I was looking for darker pinkish colors that I could wear in the Fall/Winter, because all of the pink polishes I own are Spring/Summer pinks. Way too bright for this time of year. 

I should just state this now: I am a nail polish hoarder. I live for nail polish. I change it up constantly, and I own way too many. That being said, I love Kiko polishes! They've got a great selection,  and they're very pigmented. You can get away with one coat. They dry quickly and don't chip easily. Most importantly, they're around $4-$5 dollars, I can't remember exactly. Way cheaper than other brands, and just as good of quality! I highly recommend them.

Left: 317/ Right: 375

And finally, I purchased the Coastal Scents Revealed 2 Palette.

Love the packaging!!

 I haven't tried any of the shadows out yet, since I just received it in the mail yesterday, but I'm very excited! (Thank you, Brittany, for the suggestion!) I haven't even swatched it yet, because it's so pretty I'm not ready to taint it, haha!  But the colors look beautiful, I'm loving it. I love any great palette that has both matte and shimmer shadows! I'm so excited to try these. And I got it for $19.00 on Amazon ($20.00 if you include tax.) All of those shadows for $20? Don't mind if I do!! 

That was a lot to absorb, right? It was a lot to write, haha. But I hope I sparked your interest with some products! Let me know if you're going to give any a try! Also, if you have any products that you recently purchased that you've been loving, I'd love to hear some recommendations! :)

I hope you enjoyed this haul. I enjoyed writing it!

Until Friday, stay gorgeous! 

Christina Bracco

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Monday, January 12, 2015

Watch Me on the Rachael Ray Show- Wednesday, January 14th !!

Hello, beauties!!!

I'm very excited (yet also so embarrassed and terrified) to announce a super secret fun project I was involved in last month!

Last month, on December 10th, I shot a segment with the Rachael Ray Show in honor of Mally Beauty CEO Mally Roncal!

I just received word a few days ago from one of the producers that the segment is airing this Wedesnday, January 14th! 

I've included some behind the scenes photos and a link to the Rachael Ray Show site that gives a little sneak peak of my segment in the video. Check below!! 

In the course of two days, I was contacted by producers, in touch with them and the segment coordinators constantly, and finally selected to film something in honor of Mally.

I was very excited and grateful for the opportunity, though I had no idea what I was going to be doing.

So that Wednesday, the 10th, a crew showed up with my house.

There were wires, lighting, cameras, mics, etc. EVERYWHERE.

I was so overwhelmed by everything! They interviewed me in my own living room and then said I would be receiving a package of Mally Beauty products to try out and keep. Uhmmmmm, awesome!

When I opened the door to film the scene of me receiving the package, it was none other than Mally herself standing in my doorway with a big blue box full of goodies for me.

*Insert emoji with little heart eyes* I was internally fangiriling, but kept my cool as much as possible, I was being filmed after all.

She proceeds to hand me the gift, and THEN tell me that she is going to be doing my makeup and that we were then going to go to the Rachael Ray studios and show Rachael… TODAY. OKAY, SURE. YEAH!?

So I have Mally Roncal and an entire film crew in my bedroom, just hanging out and filming. And then they whisk me and my friend/buffer, Chris in a car and take me to the studios.

There, I had my own dressing room, but spent my time hanging out in Mally's dressing room with her entourage. (Everyone on Team Mally Beauty is so incredible btw.)

Finally, I find myself on set, meeting Rachael Ray in front of a live studio audience to show off my makeover.

Craziest. Day. Ever.

And that was just a brief rundown of the events that occurred.

I'm sure I look so awkward on film. I was so overwhelmed by everything, I was in such a daze. I barely processed everything that was happening.

It was so awesome to be able to hangout and get to know Mally. She's just as she is when you see her on TV. In between takes, we would just be sitting or standing around talking. She's so down to earth, and SO funny. She's such a blast.

I'd just like to give a HUGE thank you to everyone at Rachael Ray who made this segment possible, and who were SO kind to me.

I'd like to also thank Team Mally Beauty. The team was so incredibly warm and inviting.

And finally, I'd like to thank Mally herself! She was so, so, so sweet. I'll have a much more in-depth thank you to Mally on Instagram after the segment airs on Wednesday and I can post official photos, so be on the lookout for that!

Here are some BTS photos and a link to the site: 

Here's a screenshot from the site. LINK RIGHT HERE FROM VIDEO:

Filming! I felt so official, haha.

Everyone was so great!
Getting touched up before heading onstage

Movie star chair backstage (I'm so dorky)

Thanks for reading this brief synopsis of my amazing time with the Rachael Ray Show and Mally Beauty team! Be sure to check your local listings if you care to see me just for fun on Wednesday, January 14th! It will also be up on afterwards! 

Thank you again, and be on the lookout for :

Wedensday: A mini haul post

Friday: One of my holy grail makeup products

Much love to everyone and anyone that reads this! I've been so pleased with the traffic of this blog so far! *Insert multiple heart emojis* 

Talk to ya (and see ya) Wednesday! Feel free to leave comments :)

Christina Bracco

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

REVIEW: Mally Beauty Evercolor Shadow Sticks

Welcome back, beauties!

I'm very excited to write this review, because I was so excited to finally try this product.

I had been wanting to purchase the Mally Beauty Evercolor Shadow Sticks for a while, for I live for ALL of Mally Beauty's products. I finally got my hands on a few of them, so I thought it'd be a perfect time for a review!

Mally Beauty is a worldwide cosmetics line founded by celebrity makeup artist, author, and badass business woman, Mally Roncal.

Mally Beauty is famous for its Volumizing Mascara. It has won countless awards, and through personal experience, I can tell you it's amazing.
Mally Beauty is also famous for its bulletproof, long-wear products.

You can swim, workout, run a marathon, have a baby; and they will stay as perfect as when you first put them on!


The Evercolor Shadow Sticks are AMAZING! I was so pleased.

Isn't the packaging so cute?

They are 100% bulletproof eyeshadows in a stick!

Similarly to an eyeliner or an eyebrow pencil, you just twist the bottom of the tube, and the stick rises or lowers, depending on which way you turn, of course. 

You can use it as a shadow on its own, blended with other shadows, as an eyeliner, or for a smokey eye!

Here are some points about the performance of the shadow sticks:

-They glide on so smoothly, like butter.
-The blend quickly and easily
-They easily blend with other shadows
-VERY pigmented (Something that's very important to me, personally, when I buy shadows)
-Perfect for if you're in a rush. Just slide it on, blend in 1,2,3 and bam! Fierce eyes!
-Brighten the whites of your eyes, as well as making your eye color POP!

Another great feature is that the Evercolor Shadow Sticks are your primer, base, and eyeshadow all in one! Eliminate a few extra steps with the convenience of these shadows.

From left to right: Sunlight, Platinum, Bronze

Look at that beautiful shimmer and the pigmentation. Sorry Platinum looks a tad janky, it's my fav! (It's totally perfect for holidays- I wore on Christmas and New Years Eve with a red lip, for drinks with the girls, or if you just want to brighten your eyes and make them pop without working too hard.)

The only downfall is that there is an array of BEAUTIFUL colors, it's so hard to choose, haha!

Again, from top to bottom: Sunlight, Platinum, Bronze

You can find the Evercolor Shadow Sticks at Ulta Beauty, on, or on (Click any links below to start shopping!)

They are $25 a piece, but Mally Beauty also sells duos for $35. QVC also has deals all the time (also sells duos) so you can always keep an eye out!

They're well worth it. So unlike any other product in the cosmetics market! And I just LOVE them! 

So please give these Mally Beauty Evercolor Shadow Sticks a try, you won't regret it! And while you're at it, give more Mally Beauty products a try!

Thank you to everyone who has been reading this blog thus far, I look forward to continuing this growth! 

Until next time, stay beautiful! 
Christina Bracco 

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

All About Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil!

Welcome back, beauties! This is my first official blog post on Beauty by Bracco, and I'm SO excited it is a Tuesday Tip!

I was really excited to share with you one of my favorite secrets of good skincare. Because, after all:

There was no doubt in my mind about which product (or products) to start with. Allow me, if you have not yet heard of it, introduce you to Argan oil

Argan oil is an oil extracted from a seed that grows inside of a fruit. This fruit grows on trees that you can only find in Morocco. Each tree takes 14 years to grow. 

Argan oil is growing rapidly in popularity, however, I'm only going to talk about one specific Argan product/brand, and here's why…

Due to Argan oil gaining a large amount of popularity as of late, many companies are jumping on the Argan bandwagon. However, many of these companies will label their products with the statement that they contain Argan oil, when in reality, there are a number of chemicals/other ingredients listed within the product that take away the Argan oils pureness and nutrients. Some products may state that they have Argan oil, but that does not mean they hold a significant amount.

That's why, it is SO important to read labels when you're looking for a specific ingredient to ensure that you're receiving a significant amount.

Now, this leads me to the specific Argan oil that I use every morning and night.

Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil

Josie Maran's entire line of beauty products are either 100% Argan oil, or infused with Argan oil. This is a rare find.
What makes Josie Maran Cosmetics Argan oil so different from other brands claiming to have pure Argan oil, is that everything is done by hand and naturally. Each seed is cold pressed, by hand, between two rocks by women in Morocco. Cool, or what? It's so important to state that the seeds are cold pressed to extract the oil because by cold pressing, you are not ridding the oil of any essential nutrients. By pressing the seeds with heat, like many companies do due to the cheapness and quickness of the task in factories, you are eliminating the pure essential nutrients of the oil itself. 

So what are some of the benefits of Argan oil? Specifically, Josie Maran Cosmetics Argan oil? 

Argan oil is essentially a lightweight oil that deeply hydrates and nourishes the skin; providing the skin with essential fatty acids, Vitamin E, and enzymes that it needs, but our bodies don't produce. It heals, conditions, and hydrates the skin with anti-aging properties that help fight wrinkles. Argan oil absorbs quickly, deep into the skin, making it a beneficial moisturizer, leaving you with dewy skin throughout the day.
Josie Maran Cosmetics 100% Pure Argan Oil contains NO Parabens, Sulfates, or Phthalates.

Now, I know what you must be thinking. "Christina, I can't put OIL on my face. It's OIL. I already have oily skin! This will make me breakout like crazy! Are you nuts?!" 
I used to feel the same way when I would watch the Josie Maran Argan Oil presentations on QVC. Finally, during a time in the summer when my skin was so badly broken out due to a combination of hormones and stress, I decided to purchase it.

Best. Decision. Ever. 

I have combination oily skin. I suffer from breakouts when it's that time of the month, or when I'm not eating as healthy as normal. My skin is rather sensitive to products with harsh chemicals/ingredients. My skin gets dry in the winter, as most people's skin does. 
So my skin is kind of all over the place. What did it need? Argan oil.

Argan oil actually helps to balance out your skin. Your skin stops producing excess amounts of oil because it is receiving oil more frequently. Now, you're still going to be oily, that's just your natural skin type, but you will notice a significant decrease in oil production. 

Argan oil will not make you break out. In fact, it will help your breakouts heal. Any dry patches, red patches, acne scars: This product will help you rid your face of them all.

This product is such a staple in my beauty regimen, I never go a day without it. Every morning and night, I use a few drops from the dropper (about 3-4) then rub it gently between my hands, and then gently press it into my face. It is the only moisturizer I use.

But it's not just for your face, you can put this product anywhere.
Other than a daily moisturizer, this can be used:
- On cuticles
-Cracked elbows
-Dry skin throughout the body
-Dry feet
-In your hair to hydrate or smooth fly aways.

Like I said earlier, all of Josie Maran Cosmetics products have 100% Pure cold-pressed Argan oil within them. I own nearly all of her products and love them dearly. She has eyeshadows infused with Argan oil and coconut water, she has Argan Milk, which can be used as a serum, foundations, hand creams, illuminizers, just to name a few. 

Just a few of my Josie Maran Cosmetics products

Let me know if you'd like an in-depth description/review of any of her products. I'd be happy to make a post!

Now, I know that this may be considered a bit pricey. My theory is, if it's pure, organic, and WORKS, then it's worth it. 

A 1.7 ounce bottle of Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil runs for $48.00 at Sephora, but you can purchase mini .5 ounce bottles for $16.00 to try before you buy!

You can find all of her products at Sephora, QVC, Ulta Beauty, or her own website.

I truly stand by this product. It has saved my skin!

I hope you learned a little something, and I hope that you give this product a try!

Bye, beauties! Stay beautiful!

Christina Bracco

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